The Cooperative

Founded in 1951 and still using the same name today, even though the cooperative movement in the village was started in 1857 with the construction of the ¨Moli de la Societat¨ (Society Mill). A majestic building which was raised in the middle of the ¨Vall Major¨(The main valley). 6 presses that stand out beneath three towering arches that support the main structure. It is one of the oldest pressing mills in Catalunya where even today one can still appreciate the characteristics of these antique industries.

At present the cooperative has a building in the middle of the village from which all the main services are provided; offices, shop, eating area, social centre and museum. In 1966 a credit section was created for the entity, which was to finance the entity´s projects and more importantly its members.

The fruit brought to our cooperative comes from the hectare acres owned by its members, in total 550 for olives and 160 for almonds, of which 375 are cultivated organically and 132 intergrated production. The rest is for conventional production.


To give added value to the produce which brings the commercial partners together.